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Women's Institute Team Competition

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Women's Institute Team Competition

  • Class 600


    Each individual Women’s Institute may put forward the work of one team, all of whom must be members of that Institute. A display comprising five articles, each of which must be made by a team member, are to be staged.

    A maximum of 130 points will be awarded per team. (20 points for each of the five articles as listed, and 30 points for layout and presentation).

    Items to be displayed on a bale of hay/straw (bales will be provided).

    Display to contain the following:

    1. A blanket (any medium).
    2. A napkin box with a lid.
    3. 4 muffins (sweet).
    4. A Quiche (savoury).
    5. A Summer Bonnet - Floral Arrangements on a hat.
    Hat to be no larger than 30cm diameter. (Stand to display hat to be no higher than 30cm.) Fresh flowers and foliage to be used. (Floral Art element to be judged in accordance with the NAFAS Competitions Manual 3rd Edition 2015.)

    Entry Fees

    Non-Members: £3.00 | Members: £3.00

    All Entries Are Closed For This Year.

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